The PMI Method - Effective Firearm Instruction based around Everyday Life.

The PMI Method is designed to teach to any student who attends our course, regardless of any previous firearm experience. Our Instructors are all Combat Veterans who have directly applied the techniques taught in our Defensive Courses....

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Whittington U: Shooting on the Edge of Science

The Whittington U Precision Academy - School of Extreme Long Range: Shooting on the Edge of Science. Three seperate ranges to facilitate a progressive curriculum, reactive steel targets and 2.07 Mile capabilities.

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PMI Training Calendar

2015-2016 PMI and Whittington U Courses are now online. Click above for upcoming Training Dates and locations!

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Professional Marksmen Inc.

Situational Awareness and Environmental Posturing

Defensive Lifestyle

The questions is: Would the firearm integrated into his everyday life changed the outcome of this? Read More ›

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