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Real World Training for Real Life Situations

PMI Defensive Courses

Train for Everyday

PMI Precision Rifle

Training to the limits of the cartridge, platform, environment and self.

PMI Personal Defense

Defense for any situation.

The PMI Method

A holistic approach to Firearm Instruction.

The PMI Method of Firearm Instruction was forged over 15 years of individual Firearm Instruction to a very diverse student base. We focus on a Consistent, Efficient and Safe presentation of the muzzle in our Defensive Courses and Consistency = Accuracy as our formula for success in our Precision Rifle Courses.

Our courses are designed around our Everyday Lives. Our drills are structured to instill a strong holistic understanding of the firearm tool, environment around us and ourselves. Although our courses are not aggressive in any shape or form, all PMI Instructors are Combat Veterans who can speak from experience.

We teach from a Violence as a Means of Last Resort in our Defensive Courses and from a technical approach/data gathering in our Precision Rifle Courses.

All Professional Marksmen Inc. Lead Instructors are Teachers first; this means our goal is the retention of the information presented to every student. We want you to leave our courses with a high level understanding of the material focus and how to train in between PMI Courses.


Provide the most relevant form of instruction around the Defensive Implementation of the Pistol, Shotgun and Semi-Automatic Rifle and technical approach for Precision and Extreme Long Range Shooting.


Every PMI Course is rooted in experience, whether direct fire engagements or empirical data from years spent instructing around the various firearm platforms. We will continue to approach our curriculums in this manner, teaching both Defensibly Sound and Technically Focused Material to the responsible firearm owner.


Real World Training for Real Life Situations


PMI Courses

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Course Testimonials

a few words from previous students...

Jon is a great Instructor. I love the personal attention he gives to each student, helps you learn the concepts. Very patient.

E. D. - Precision Rifle

Hard to say what I would do to make the curriculum is a complete school. It could suffice as the only school for some folks.

H.D - Whittington U School of 1000 Yards

Great program, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the Masters Class. Sign me up!

R.D. - Practical Carbine/Defensive Rifle I

Steve is the epitome of an excellent instructor. PMI is very fortunate to have an instructor of his ability. I would definitely take more courses from him, and would most highly recommend to others.

L.P. - WU Practical Pistol I-III

Defense of Oneself is a Fundamental Right

We believe:

- Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness
- Right to Defend Life
- These Rights are Inalienable
- We assume a large amount of responsibility and obligation when implementing a firearm into our lives
- An armed citizen is a responsible one
- Understanding of our Defensive Tools is of utmost importance - we have to train


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