PMI Defensive Lead Instructor

Doug Looney

PMI Defensive Lead Instructor

Doug Looney is a retired New Mexico State Police Officer with 22 years of law enforcement experience. He began his career as a patrol officer for the City of Truth or Consequences, then served as a sergeant for the Colfax County Sheriff’s Office. After joining the New Mexico State Police in 1999, Doug spent 13 years as a uniformed patrol office before ending his career as a sergeant in Raton, NM.

During his time with New Mexico State Police, Doug spent 12 years as an active member of the NMSP Special Operations Division. Doug was a member of the Emergency Response Team for 3 years. This training consisted of riot and crowd control, empty hand arrest and control tactics, as well as less lethal munitions training. He served 9 years on the NMSP Search & Recovery Dive Team, 1.5 of them as team commander. This training/ specialty work included conducting evidence retrieval, and victim recovery from New Mexico's many water ways.

In 2002, Doug became certified as a New Mexico Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics and Ground Control instructor. He has taught in Colorado, and for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. Doug taught the Defensive Tactics and Ground Control program at the New Mexico State Police Academy from 2004 to 2016, becoming lead instructor in 2008. In 2013, Doug became a certified Use of Force Instructor, teaching classes for New Mexico Law Enforcement, and the State Police. Doug received his Master Instructor certification for Defensive Tactics and Ground Control in 2013 allowing him to teach veteran officers new techniques, and certifies them to become trainers themselves.

As a Master Trainer, Doug has assisted the New Mexico State Police update and rejuvenate their Defensive Tactics and Ground Control curriculum, which utilizes many forms of martial arts, such as Jiu-Jitsu and defensive techniques, such as Aikido in order to ensure both officer safety and safety of the public.

During his free time, Doug continues to build positive communities by volunteering his time to various organizations. Doug served as Special Olympics Team Coach/Trainer in 2003 and in 2004. He currently assists Raton Boy Scout’s Wolf Pack #73 with outdoor adventures and physical fitness. Further, he serves as personal trainer to several New Mexico State Police officers and other acquaintances.

To bring public awareness to worthy causes, Doug often participates in events such as Relay for Life, Domestic Violence awareness events, and breast cancer awareness 5K events. Because of his love of the outdoors, Doug has participated in endurance challenges, such as the Master of the Mountain triathlon and Survival Trial.